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Orion Optics Europa Newtonian Primary Collimation Screw Size

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Does anyone know the size of the older primary collimation screws on the Orion Optics Europa newtonian primary cell ?

My memory is telling me M6 but I'm not 100% sure :icon_scratch:

These are the ones that I'm thinking of:

Orion Optics Europa 200 F6 review - Reflectors - Cloudy Nights

Many thanks if anyone can help :icon_biggrin:




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2 minutes ago, Pixies said:

John - can you measure across the flats of the nut? If you have callipers, can you measure the diameter of the bolt?

Thanks but I don't have the scope (yet) - I wondered if anyone else has one ?


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1 minute ago, John said:

Thanks but I don't have the scope (yet) - I wondered if anyone else has one ?


Sorry - didn't want to sound like I thought you had no mechanical knowledge 😬

this might give a clue, or suggest some other scopes to ask about?

https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bobs-knobs-collimation/bobs-knobs-stellalyra-celestron-sky-watcher-newtonian-collimation-knobs.html#:~:text=Although not listed these are perfect for my Orion Optics (UK) 8" Europa Newtonian which although of some age is giving excellent service.

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3 minutes ago, Pixies said:

No problem at all - I used to have one of the scopes but, rather embarrassingly, I've forgotten the size of those bolts ! :rolleyes2:

It's the primary collimation bolts that I'm interested in.


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