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Optolong L-Pro - severe gradient

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My first effort with the L-pro was my Dark Shark (final result posted in "Imaging-Deep sky")

But straight out of the stacker (both APP and Pixinsight - same result) the image has a very severe colour gradient yellow to blue purple.


I've never seen this before so it must be related to the L-Pro - has anyone else seen this with the L-Pro. It seemed to be quite easily removed with both ABE in Pixinsight and "Remove light pollution" in APP but I'm concerned that such broad brush gradient removal could be impacting on faint nebulosity in images like this. 

Additional information

Bortle 4-5 but with a sodium street light close but blocked

No other local light pollution and no moon on that image

Flats (done with LED panel ) also show the same gradient so its not external light anyway

Dark flats are not showing any light leak

Its not the flats that are causing it because the gradient is there on a stack done only with darks and no flats/dark flats

Any suggestions for mitigating this problem - even if its just to say "dont worry about it, gradient removal will deal with it without causing data loss" would be greatly appreciated.




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Interestingly, I have seen a similar transition gradient imaging from a Bortle 5 location in broadband with my QHY268c (same sensor) but with a IR/UV cut filter only. I put this down to my local light pollution (a bright LED streetlight on one side of my garden),  I have never investigated further as gradient removal tools take care of it.


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Thought i would report that i am experiencing something pretty much exactly like this, a colour gradient across the image.

Started noticing this after changing my usual imaging spot of B6-7 to a 6, maybe 5 on the best of days. On the new imaging spot there is an extreme gradient as most targets just skim the edge of a B8 light dome.

Also, there is a baader UV/IR cut filter in front of my camera. 

I am wrestling with IFN at the moment and there is a fine line between fixing the gradient and nuking the nebulosity, but so far has worked out.

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