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Better than Mars Colonization in many aspects.

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The atmospheres of the "outer" planets are also a possibility. (Jupiter has
too great a magnetic field and Radiation!) But beyond that?!? Mind you,
if you spring a leak of Oxygen-rich into lots of Hydrogen... Methane? 🙃

The "relativity" of flames / burning is always an interesting thought... 🤔
https://youtu.be/8jmX-TUQkx4  (Oxygen burning in Propane)


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It would seems to be quite possible to have fly/float around, in the Venusian Astmosphere
for an indefinite time. No shortage of sunlight (direct AND reflected) at 45-60km. The acid
problems could be addressed. But ultimately it's the anhydrous nature - Lack of water, that
precludes (potential local!) life that becomes a problem? Venus "has the oxygen" (as CO2)
but little ("ppm") hydrogen (ex original water). We'd have to take ALL our own Water? 😏

If the locals can't hack it, neither can we (long term)?

But the idea of atmospheric Venusian "Rovers" (analogous to Martian) caught my eye. 🙃

Interesting thoughts though! Ultimately it is the radiation levels
that rule out quite a LOT of *other* solar system planets/moons? 😐

P.S. Ah Yes - Martian Caves! Shelters from RADs?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martian_lava_tube 😎

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If mr musk came knocking at your door & said we want you to be the first human to step foot on another world. we think the chances of making the journy across an ocean of space to then plummet through an atmosphere that will barely slow you down & finally relying on engines, that have sat dormant since they were test fired, to slow you down to a few feet per second for a touch down are 5 maybe 10% at best.. Would you go! Knowing full well the chances of returning safely to the earth are less than the outbound journey? 


For me, personally.. Where do i sign. 


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