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All Sky Panorama from Cornwall

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An all-sky panorama taken from the Caradon Observatory site last night in Cornwall. It was a bit hazy but the Milky Way overhead was bright enough to shine through. It's a set of 25 second exposures taken with a 14mm lens and Canon 6D camera. I used Microsoft ICE (a free download) to stitch the frames together.


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On 11/10/2021 at 18:21, clarkpm4242 said:

Are you able to give any pointers or an appropriate YouTube how to??  I have a 6D and 14mm Samyang...

...cheers, Paul.

There's not that much to it really, I just took a large set of overlapping exposures until I'd covered the whole sky. I then threw it at ICE and played around with the various projection options. Unfortunately it doesn't always work, I can't get my images from the following night to stitch and I'm not sure why. I made sure there was plenty of overlap between each frame. ICE is great when it works but for AP I'd say its success rate is about 50-50.

Microsoft have stopped supporting ICE but it can be downloaded from here:


Hope that's some help and good luck, you're in a great location for panoramas.

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