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Refractor Developments In The Last 40 Years....

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I don't know resource that will do such long span, but you might want to look at this website:


Look under refractors.

It contains reviews that are 20+ years old, and I guess that some of those scopes were in the market longer than that. In any case, Ed often talks about scopes from even earlier days in his reviews so it is worth reading them if you want to get the sense of what was common during any particular period of time and how much it costed.

As far as optics goes - many things have been developed long since and just few things changed refractor landscape in past few decades:

1. Availability and drop in price of exotic glasses as well as high quality coatings

2. Computer aided design and more sophisticated testing

3. Cheaper manufacturing due to mass production and utilization of machines

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10 minutes ago, Ian McCallum said:

If that's Ed Ting, I subscribe to his YouTube channel.😉

It is. YouTube channel is recent development. He's been reviewing scopes for much longer time.

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Traditional Achromatic refractors suffer from chromatic aberation, where the different frequencies of light are focused at slightly different points. Making the focal length of the lens longer helps to reduce this aberation. Before the invention of the Crown and Flint doublet lens, which also reduces this CA, they made what were called Ariel telescopes which had focal lengths of 50+ft. The objective was positioned on a tall mast and the eyepiece was held at the end of a taught piece of rope! So glad they developed the modern lens designs.

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