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Neptune and Uranus


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With warm nights albeit with some haze, I spent a couple of hours two nights ago revisiting Neptune and Uranus as Jupiter had already set behind a line of tall ash trees. Both N and U were well clear of trees, and chimneys but not the occasional cloud or expanded vapour trail unfortunately.

Uranus (x270), a beautiful featureless pale blueish-green ball with three moons visible, occasionally two, the haze worsened as the evening went on,

Neptune (x270 and x350), small bright blue globe (clearly visible as a planet even in the RACI) but unfortunately too much haze and sky brightness to see Triton this time. I switched backwards and forwards between U and N to compare the colour and size of the disks - to my old eyes, Neptune is really very blue cpd with Uranus which literally pales by comparison.

Using my diy azimuth circle and a Wixey certainly made finding Neptune easier to find compared to previous times when I've used star-hopping.



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