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Help me my celestron 20mm erecting eyepiece from my power seeker 127eq is blurry but it is completely clean. When I look in it up close it is blurry, but when I look in to it from afar it is clear. Please contact me at <private contact details removed>  or I can send photos of what the eye pieces look like.

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I have a Celestron "PowerSeeker" 127EQ.  It also came with a 20mm erecting eyepiece, and both just like your own...



This is the order of the lenses...


At the bottom of the eyepiece, there resides the Amici erect-image prism...


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Well <tweaks dastardly moustache>, Celestron had treated the subject...


I don't like my own.  The view is too narrow for a 20mm, although you do get an erect, corrected image with the telescope.  Otherwise, it's hard as dried beans to find an alternative; shame, that.

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