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Tuthill Binocular viewer

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I have the William Optics bino viewer which I use on my WO Megrez 90. I quite like it. There are issues with dimmer image due to the splitting of the lightbeam but I don't find it much of a problem on the brighter objects. Other issues are achieving focus. Mine wouldn't focus with the 1.6 barlow nosepiece supplied but a switch to a 2x barlow fixed that. Weight is also an issue requiring rebalancing or counterweighting. The plus side is relaxed viewing with both eyes. On the moon it is spectacular and on the planets I think it improves contrast. Two eyes are always better than one! Overall I think they are worth it. WO ones can be picked up s/h for about 75quid - bargain IMHO.

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I would echo "Beatlejuice's" comments in using a "Binoviewer." There are some drawbacks - the main one being the fact that a "Binoviewer" may not reach focus on some scopes, without the addition of a "Barlow" lens. On other scopes, you can get away with using the "Binoviewer" on its own.

However, the advantages of viewing with both eyes, does (in my opinion) far outweigh any drawbacks.

You do certainly get the impression of "3D" views when using a "Binoviewer." The Moon and planets look wonderfull - mesmerising! You just feel you could sit there for hours, comfortably studying every detail your eyes are picking up. Viewing with two eyes is unbeatable!

You can cut the light loss down to a minimum by using two low power eyepieces - 26mm or 30mm (I would not go any lower). If you can use your "Binoviewer" without a Barlow, so much the better.

If you are thinking about buying any "Binoviewer" you do need to check if you can use them on your scope - preferably without a Barlow. Ideally, see if you can get to try a pair out before buying. (If I lived nearer you, I would willlingly lend you my "Astro Engineering" ones to try).

Once you use a binoviewer, I'm sure you will not want to go back to viewing with one eye!



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