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Guiding cable question

Philip Benson

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I have been using the same guiding cable for quite a while but it is now becoming a bit tatty. A couple of the wires at the camera end have become detached from the RJ11 plug but it still works. I tried a couple of spare guiding cables supplied with other cameras I have bought previously but they seem to stop the mount tracking when I connect them.

Has anyone got any idea why this is? I'm guessing it must be something to do with the way the cables have been wired up but any other help would be appreciated. As it stands I only have one cable which works with my mount (AP 1200GTO). I am using a QSI 6120 camera.

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According to the manual for that camera it looks like a normal 6P6C cable with wires crossing over (so pin 1 to pin 6, pin 2 to pin 5 etc) should work. Below is from a QSI manual.


And below is the mount manual.

So so long as the cable is a crossover cable (Most cables are like this but not all) then it should work.


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