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What's your longest with out checking the observatory?


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I have to admit I might be pushing a month!

I ordered a mount and our weather went sour.

We've had at least 15 inches of rain and continuous cloudy skies.

Went out to make sure no wasp would be surprising me and found a dirt dauber (mud wasp) had built a nest in my 8" OTA.

You have any of them over on that side of the pond.

Luckily, no wasps!

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Depends how you mean "checking". My obsy runs with ACP so I go for quite a while without actually physically going to it even though its at the bottom of the garden, but months comes to mind. Obviously I have cameras to look at it inside & out if I desire! I generally shutdown the Obsy at the end of Astro darkness so it can have 4 or 5 months in the summer where it will "rest" & maybe I'll visit if I run out of room for storing stuff but on the whole it's left alone and yes I have been surprised at the lack of wildlife wanting to make a home but I put it down to all the electronic activity going on in there as I never shut it down completely.

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