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450/1000D Hypermod


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Documented instructions for the Canon 450/1000D hypermod are now online.


If you have a nervous disposition or easily offended by violence to modern technology do not open this link :blob8:

Also being discussed in this group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DSLRmodifications/

A big thanks to Anat for having the bottle todo this mod and share it with us :lol:

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Yeah I'm seriously considering this mod, he has a QHY8 and he recons his darks and bias frames are better than the QHY8 :lol::eek:

I'll be using a copper cold finger tho rather than his aluminum finger. As you say the heatsink I'll be mounting outside the case and I'll also look at painting the circuit board with varnish rather than sealing with hot melt.

Not looking at doing this before summer tho cos if I make a balls of it I dont want to be left without a cam :blob8:

I'll be experimenting tho with the peltier and finger and making sure there's no chance of condensation building up inside the case.

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I'll Let you "pioneer" this one George... wonder how much different the 1000D is PCB / connector functionality wise ... not a lot hopefully...

The best stuff to use will be spray conformal coating - thats what its designed for :blob8:


Should have used Tinyurl :)

Apart form theres no need to anymore with the new forum software :lol:


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It is a brave soul who would attempt that. Hyper Mod it certainly is, although the advantages of a successful outcome are obvious.

I'm not sure that pictorial sequence of the procedure is clear enough to follow through to a conclusion. Also, as Peter indicated, is the 450 Identical physically to the 1000D.

It goes without saying, that a thorough understanding of the dismantling procedure is required, and all that glue melt is a frightening prospect. When it's on, it's on to stay.

George, I'm sure you are a very capable man, and I wish you a good result with this one.


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Ron, as I said its a summer project and the mod is in its very early days. I'm sure it will mature further by the time i attempt it :lol:

The layout of the 450/1000D are identical (virtualy) all the cable ribbons and hardware are the same, only difference is the actual imaging chip is 12bit over the 450's 14bit. PCB layouts are virtually identical.

The pictorial will serve both DSLR's.

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This looks like an interesting mod! So far, I've modded 12 Canon 350Ds for astro and IR photography but I've always wanted to go one step further and cool the CMOS chip. I have a couple of Peltier devices that could do the job but I've not attacked the camera...yet.

Have you found any mods on the web for the Canon 400D and 40D?

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The latest generation cameras already have a lot better "noise" performance than the older ones even at higher sensor temps, so I suppose they would make a better starting point ... but if its there and doing nothing and you fancy a play ..... then might definitely be worth a go...


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