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Cederblad 214


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I shot this over two nights as the cool front rolled into my home town this week. I managed to capture around 16 hours on this subject. I actually wanted more, but the third night sky wasn't cooperating with high altitude clouds that kept interrupting my images, so I tossed the whole night.

I processed this as a standard SHO palette, but processed and incorporated the stars separately using a synthetic RGB mixture of HA, SII*.5+OIII*.5, OIII respectively into RGB channels. Only very slight tweaks are needed with saturation and a + b CIE Component. One day I'll take the time to write this up somewhere, but it has become my preferred method of adding RGB stars without actually going through the time required to shoot them. In my light polluted skies, you need more than half an hour into RGB to get decent color, so I opt to use this instead.

I think the color turned out especially nice in this one. Astrobin link: https://www.astrobin.com/omxnk5/

  • SkyWatcher Esprit 100
  • ZWO ASI294MM-Pro
  • Rainbow Astro RST-135E
  • Astrodon 5nm filters

LBN 583-v2.jpg

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