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Hello all, I'd like some advice on t ring mounts, the scope I used to have I could mount camera into the eye piece slot using a tube and t ring, I now have a meade etx125 where the camera is mounted at the end of the scope as in picture, seems I need a tube to thread onto scope to attach t ring and camera,  any information on the right size tube to fit a string for canon 1000d would be much appreciated. Also I'm not happy with the spotter, any advice on a decent affordable spotter too please. Thank you.



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 that item can be bought from Opticstar.com @ £40  its the right bore for the  prime focus collar on that scope and its from Meade too! , or the cheaper priced with Aliexpress £11  and if you can wait 4 weeks for it to arrive.  I had that item from Opticstar and its made for the T adapters for nikon & Canon etc   the canon T adapter can be had from Amazon @ £8

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