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Hi from the Western Isles

Fir Chlis

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Hi folks

A quick hello, as I’d posted a couple of weeks ago in the wanted section, having broken the leg clip for my Skywatcher/ Synscan handset, and had a few responses, but I see that the rules have changed, so I don’t now have access to that forum until I’ve been a member for a while, and made some more posts. 

If anyone is able to apologise on my behalf that I haven’t got back to anyone on that thread, and say that I will do so once I get access, that would be great. 

In the meantime, I’ll try and get some more posts done!

Many thanks 



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I started nearly 20 years ago with a Helios 4.5” reflector on an EQ2 mount, but didn’t do too much with it in a light polluted suburban area, though I did learn a lot about setting up and operating an equatorial mount. I’ve still got the log book that I started in 2002, and still record every session. 

Since moving to the Western Isles, I’ve been on and off, but got really serious in the middle of last winter, and started to try and observe all the Messier objects that are viewable from my latitude. 


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Hi Geoff, welcome from another Western Isles resident ;)

I did something similar with Messier objects last year and intend to continue this year. Although I think we get a few less clear nights than most people, the dark skies do make up for it!



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