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My first moon shot


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ASIAIR Pro used to take fits, then pipp, autostk, registax.

I tried video on my mac, but for some reason it just wasn't getting me a decent frame rate last night fire firecapture - it's first time I've tried it with the asi1600.

asi1600, f6.3 reducer and C925 - which altogether fits the moon like a glove. Shot with IR pass filter

I did also take mosaic video avis of moon with asiair - 1080p sections x 6. And stacking one set, etc shows that is slightly better in the end that one big shot, which makes sense in terms of lucky imaging, but the difference is not massive, and the effort of trying to do all 6 panels, aligning them, etc just didn't seem worth it.

So here's the 16mp:



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personally would have done it without the reducer. Easier yes. But you will lose quite a bit of resolution. Still a good result for your first moon. Next time how about F10 and just do a few panes. when built it will show a lot more detail trust me. 

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6 hours ago, powerlord said:

thanks - yes I would have done same - but it was done remotely from my bed at 3am when I'd finished shooting some DSOs - so I didn't fancy getting up. But next time for sure.

Makes sense lol. Theres times i could do with a bit of remotely. 

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