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Finally a image I am happy with - Round 2 of the Heart Nebula and Double cluster


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Hello everyone,

I posted here probably about a week ago, with frustrations and troubles on a certain target, and just general frustrations a beginner goes through. Anyhow, with help from the community, and an extra thanks to @alacant for the extra help and advise with StarTools, I've finally produced an image I am actually proud of. Although its framed up the same as my last one, non of the same data was used, totally new data.

I was fed up with my last image, and past images I've posted here, looking more like cartoon drawings full of noise rather than real images. Although it's still not perfect, its the closest to real I've gotten. It was taken over 2 nights, both with near full moons. I still don't know why I chose this as a pair to image, rather than the traditional Heart and Soul, probably my only regret. Anyhow, heres the info and picture.

3 hours and 30 minutes of Lights @ 60 second exposures dithered manually probably every 5 images. (Helps to have the dob set up or binoculars to keep me entertained haha).

Zero Darks

40 Flats

40 Dark Flats

40 Bias

LPS Light Pollution Filter

Samyang 135mm

Modified 600D

iOptron Skyguider Pro

Processed in StarTools, also did a little extra tweeks in Gimp afterwards.

Edit: Not happy with how it looks uploaded haha, looks a bit more blurry. When clicked on it seems to look sharper, more how it looks on my computer.

Heart and Double4.png

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13 hours ago, woldsman said:

Bravo! I am after the same targets using the same Samyang 135mm lens and am ending up with lots of noise. Will check the earlier thread! 

As other people told me, Dither and get lots of data to help with the SNR :D That advice certainly worked for me!

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Well done. A great improvement.

With that amount of data though, I still think there could be more to be had. There seems to be some of the fainter stuff missing. The clue being the second AutoDev.

Lose the dark flats and don't get too hung up with the noise;)


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