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DIY dimmable red head torch


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Hi to all:


I want to show you a DIY three level dimmable red head torch.


I noticed that it is no easy to find red flashlights suitable for the serious visual observer. The commercial options lags in a homogeneous illumination and/or are too bright. The only commercial models that I think have the necessary quality are these made by Rigel Systems, but they are hand models and I want for a head model. I tested the red head torch from Orion but, simply, it is too bright even in its low intensity mode...


So I design and made a DIY red head torch. It have 3 modes, which use 1 LED (mode "alone in the dark"), 2 LEDs (mode "astroparty") and 3 LEDs (mode "astrophotography"). Each mode can be regulated in intensity.


It is based in PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), so it is very energy efficient. It use 2 AAA batteries, suitable for many tens (may hundreds) of observational nights. I documented the project and you can follow the instructions here https://gitlab.com/m...rch#quick-start for make your own red head torch. If you make one, please tell my any feedback, specially if the light intensity of each mode is the adequate for you.


Main documentation at https://gitlab.com/m...ateredheadtorch


Video showing the red head torch here: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing


Regards and clear skies.

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Nice work Monk! I've got one of the Black diamond ones which should be good except the battery terminals are very flaky and it forgets the settings it was on and comes on too bright. Should have sent it back but too late now. I like your solution though :)


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