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Weird slewing noises on iOptron Skyguider

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Hello there everyone,

 Was out using the Skyguider Pro last night, for the first time I heard a weird, grindy/clicking noise when slewing one way only, the other way sounded fine still. Not sure what the issue could be as tracking was still fine. No noticeable star trailing using my 135mm Lens at 60 seconds, could of easily push it more, but the moon was restricting that. Just wondering what anything thinks this could be? Wanting to take it with me when I go away on October 2nd, so hoping its not something that needs sending off.

Have attached a video with the sounds, cheers


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Not familiar with your mount, but it sounds like a gear mesh issue.  Might be worth opening the case to check the gearing.  Does the mount have the ability to adjust the backlash?  - 

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