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From Nikon To Canon

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Hi folks  just bought a canon EOS 2000D  for astroimaging   after years of being Nikon minded and many having many nikons under my belt including  F5  film etc  I decided to bite the bullet and splash out on the oppositions 2000D..   my nikon D200 has 16mp and is good,  but has no live view so.. step in the EOS with its live view  and its a bit lighter than the  D200 too.  i never ever preferred canon  dunno why??🤔  but its like something you see in the shop window for days and keep goin back to see  but aint sure about .  anyway its time for a change so I am actually committed and now looking forward to the Canon EOS 2000D  and many nights  of the stars and planets.🛰️🔭📡

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If you're planning on using it for long nights at the telescope, I can recommend investing in a mains power adaptor. Nothing worse than having your battery run out halfway through an imaging plan.  I bought the 70d equivalent of this and it's been a godsend...

Glorich ACK-E10 replacement AC Power Adapter kit for Canon EOS 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 1500D, 2000D, Rebel T3, Rebel T5, Rebel T6, Rebel T7, Kiss X50, Kiss X90 Digital Cameras: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo



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Cheers Chris for the info!👍👍  just uploaded the Backyard EOS program and looking forward to using it  also loaded the Canon control app for my Android tablet...  really looking forward to getting it all up and running. bought a Canon printer to get all my prints done too.   cheers Graeme 👍👍 for the canon power adaptor  recommendation too will look that up. and thanks to everyone else for the advice👍👍😀😀

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