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Multistage rockets

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Multistage rocket launches were one of the issues for selecting rocket launch sites till about 1990’s passivation implemented.

Though nowadays multistage rocket parts are recommended (UN, ITU) to be moved to a disposal orbit, they can either burn in the atmosphere or become space debris. Moreover, exclusions still exist, threatening to reach the earth surface (which we can find in the latest news).

The Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS) is known for monitoring the issues of space debris and space traffic management.


There are many questions in front of active space companies, including: satellites control with AI, debris removal technologies for new launches, making launches clean (with ecofuel), creating ‘traffic rules’ on the orbit.

Is there a threat that is not spotlighted, as debris falling into earth?


Don't mean easy but still effective multistage rockets that are used for many purposes, including LEO payload delivery.

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