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A Quickie

Whistlin Bob

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A full moon and thin cloud right across the sky, but had a happy hour going after some appropriate targets for the conditions in the 8 inch dob: 

Jupiter- all wobbly, but could see 6 bands and hints of detail in them. 
Saturn - bit wobbly, but could see the Cassini division.
Double double- easy split at 170x 
Izar- bit rough, but clearly split
Iota Cass- easy split in 7mm- white and blue, hint of gold
Albireo- lovely as always
Owl cluster- nice clear view despite the murk. 
Mizar- nice easy split
M14 faint as you like but deffo there
IC4665 faint open cluster.

The gloom was thickening by this point, but I wasn't expecting to get anything, so still a nice surprise. Really is difficult to beat a medium sized dob with it's very rapid setup time on nights like this.

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You did well👍..

Really poor seeing here, everything low down ( moon, Jupiter, Saturn) wobbling like a jelly and the virtually full moon combining with increasing high cloud to wash out most of the stars.

So I went back in after 20 minutes..there will be other nights..😊


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