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Good books and software.


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Stellarium is probably the best thing I have ever downloaded. It keeps me sane when it's cloudy :( and keeps me sane when I don't know what I'm looking at...

I've never read any books on binocular astronomy in particular but to just digress from the topic of binocular astronomy, the best astronomy book I've read is by Patrick Moore, simple called 'Astronomy'. It's part of the 'Teach Yourself' series. I learnt so much from it.

Did you guys find you benefited from reading books on binocular astronomy? I've just always looked and hoped for the best! Now I'm more serious about the hobby, I may raid the library.


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Turn Left at Orion does give an indication if binoculars are appropriate.

I also like "The Stars" by H.A. Rey, first published in 1953. It has redrawn most of the constellations. The first part of the book is really about star hopping. 150+ pages not to heavy.

Planning software: fourmilab.ch http://fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Yoursky Change the lat/long settings and others. I usually change the black on a white background. When you are happy with the result you can print out the map.


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My selection is pretty much the same as Glen's. I did have a copy of Stephen Tonkin's book, but didn't get on with it, os donated it to my astronomy society's Xmas raffle :lol:. Gary Seronik's book is very good though. Like others I also have a copy of Turn Left at Orion, which is useful because it describes what you can expect to see through binoculars for many of the objects. Finally, I have Sue French's Celestial Sampler. Although it's based on her observations mainly with a 4" refractor, there are still many objects that are binocular friendly, plus I like the writing style.

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