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First real dark sky harvest: NGC 157


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I finally managed to get way for a couple of nights to our usual dark sky spot in France. I've got a lot of sketches to process - this is the first one. 

The 18" is really behaving well, I've been testing it on the platform that will soon be mine, a match made in heaven. I might do a write-up on the weekend if I find some time. 

The sketch is NGC 157, a peculiar sight. It's a face on spiral galaxy but the arms look a bit weird. The dark lanes are more profound in the northeast side, but 2 dark lanes can be seen in the other parts. Lovely! 



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14 hours ago, globular said:

18" in a dark site must be wonderful.  It certainly allows you to pick out some lovely detail in your sketches.

It is! Having a good equatorial platform helps too, I have had multiple galaxies that were just oval smudges, but when I was able to enlarge them (when seeing allowed it), some of them showed detail one only would see on a picture.

Same with some planetary nebulae; I had at least 3 that were marked "stellar" in the IDSA, but were showing details that I could confirm on pictures afterwards...

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