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SGL Perseid Challenge 2021

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As expected it was cloudy for many but some of you managed to find some gaps in the cloud and there were some superb images despite the challenges.

1st Zummerzet_leveller https://stargazerslounge.com/uploads/monthly_2021_08/2021_08.10_Perseid_Low.jpg.0cd02dfe2fcdb63a83771d7fc3f62ade.jpg

2nd DaveW https://stargazerslounge.com/uploads/monthly_2021_08/940217248_Allimagesmaskedaligned.jpg.3c12c4afdc141e0fe242e44b0dc6edb2.jpg

3rd Adam1234 https://stargazerslounge.com/uploads/monthly_2021_08/MilkyWay_PNG.png.c16afb9f4fbe5d2c9c79fb1368a09022.png

Well done to our winners and to everyone who entered

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Thanks for pulling this together @MartinB I'm really chuffed!  Well done to Dave and Adam too.  Considering the limited time and levels of cloud this year there were some great images.  Next year perhaps I'll catch that elusive ripsnorter of a Perseid, you know, the one that is always outside of the camera field of view...

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Thanks Martin, FLO, SGL and everyone who had a go. 

Thanks Jody who does some really nice foregrounds and Adam who gets wonderful colour in the Milky Way.

BIG smile,


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