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Hello All, I'm Mark from Minneapolis Minnesota USA.


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I have a Celestron CPC 800 (still in the box, delivered Feb 08) due to family, home, weather issues have not seen first light yet. March is approching and I'm getting antsy. I have the standard accessories that came with the scope. I got a Williams Dielectric 1.25 diagonal, Baader 8-24 Zoom, Baader sky glow moon whatever filter, I also bought a scope buggy. I,ve read the manual about 25 times, have Rod Mollise excellent books, I have all 3 and they're wonderful, by the way. Buy these books. Any advice welcome friends.

All My Best, Mark O

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Hi. Mark.I hope you settle in and enjoy the SGL Forum.

We have a couple of members from the USA, and Canada, well, from all over the planet really.Your posts will be very welcome, aand if there is any way we can advise or help you, please ask.


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Thank you all for your kind welcomes. I didn't realize that this was predominately a overseas group. Hope I can offer a different perspective from time to time. Alot of folks tend to view my place (Minnesota USA) as Siberia like, but we have absoultly wonderful spring, summer and fall seasons. It was 40 F today but we have a winter storm WARNING for 2-26-09 for 8" plus snow, go figure! Looking to get 1 decent eyepiece for my scope in the range of 17mm to 20mm. Price point would be $100 - $200, any thoughts?

Thank You,

Mark O

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