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SkyWatcher EQ2 mount conversion


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Is it possible to convert the EQ2 mount for the SW 130P to a dovetail mount. Out of the box, the OTA rings are bolted to the mount, so the OTA has to be removed from the rings rather than leaving the rings in situ.  I've looked through the various sites for possible modification accessories but can't see to find anything. Has anyone successfully modified the EQ2 to a dovetail mount at all?




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Yes it is possible. I have done it with this component: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p388

I needed then to add a small additional counterweight onto the mount to properly balance my telescope because the center of gravity was a bit shifted.


The mount on the picture is EQ3-1, buy I was able to use it with an EQ2 as well. 

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So I couldn't get the conversion from TS as they didn't have any stock and couldn't give an expected date, so I ordered the Baader clamp and a piece of aluminium to create my own mount bar. The original plan was to tap the aluminium and screw directly into it, by my tap set shredded the bar, so I had to resort to nuts and bolts instead. 

The plan is to finish it off with hammered black Hammerite type paint to match the rest of the mount and remove glare.

Assembled it with the OTA on and it balances perfectly with the existing counterweight, all in all a success I think.

Thanks again for everyone's inout and advice, it's much. appreciated.


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