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Position of polaris

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Hi all,

A newbie question regarding the position of Polaris.

When polar aligning my mount (Ioptron CEM25P), I open an app on my phone called Stargate PA to give me where the position of Polaris should be on the (inbuilt) polar scope reticule. There is also the option of checking on the hand controller of my mount. However I notice that there is a difference of about 30 mins between the two. Last night, my phone app was showing it to be 9:54PM and the hand controller at 9.27PM.  Bear in mind that I check the polar position on the hand controller after the GPS locks on. Is it a question of using one over the other?


Many thanks


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They should both be the same. 

The things to check are:

  • your position (lat and long) check its right with another source (i use the iphone compass app) 
  • date/time are correct... make sure you check that daylight savings time is on and the date format is correct (its easy to mix up month and day). 

Perhaps try another app to see which one out of your hand controller and Stargate PA is correct.

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My guess is your phone app will be correct as the phone will generally automatically update it's time from the network unless you've specified otherwise in the settings which just leaves you with the mount (you not mentioned the time on the phone itself so that is a small assumption)

Page 18 here shows you how to update the time manually if needed https://www.ioptron.com/v/Manuals/7100P_CEM25P_Manual.pdf hopefully that helps 👍

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22 hours ago, scitmon said:

and the date format is correct (its easy to mix up month and day). 

scitmon may be on the right track, on the 6th September did you enter 06/09 (probably wrong with an "American" mount)  or 09/06 ?


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