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Powertank Glow5000 from Celestron.

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I dropped my red light torch the other night and it broke so after a quick search, Google found me this.

Not seen it before so I think it's new.

It is a rechargable red flashlight and USB powertank combi.

The main reason I got it is because it is rechargable and will save on batteries but the USB powertank function will come in handy for boosting my tablet which I run the mobile Stellarium app on. The flashlight has a nice even illumination and has 3 brightness settings. One button which cycles through Off-Low-Medium-High-Off. All red light, there is no white light.

Another use which is a great bonus for me is that I can power my single axis RA motor drive on the EQ5 off the 5V DC powertank. I have been using a 10000mAH USB powerbank instead of those old fashioned battery packs they still supply with the drives (remind me of a 1970's door bell). As the name suggests the Celestron torch powertank has a 5000mAH lithium battery with an overload cutoff. This is half what I've been using but the 10000mAH can run all night so the 5000mAH should be great for a back-up power supply.

The torch has a square profile so will not roll, comes with a wrist strap and two stretch bands for attaching to a tripod leg. There is also a USB charging lead.

Overall I am very impressed with this new torch from Celestron although the price at £34.95 is probably a bit more than I would expect to pay for a torch. However, the powertank function will be very handy and being rechargable will pay for itself over time. Just as long as I don't drop this one as well.

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That could easily have been a disaster, glad you spotted it  wookie.  Good reminder to us all , It's so easy to just connect devices up to charge these days and walk away. 


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