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Chip tilt test jig.


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I did both my cameras earlier and the ZWO was significantly better than the QHY before adjusting.  It was clear tonight and a quick test shows good results, and finally I have decent enough stars at F2.8


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On 08/09/2021 at 20:49, wimvb said:

A bit of reflection on the subject (poor pun) leads me to the conclusion that the reflection spot on the screen closest to the incident laser beam is from the surface closest to the laser. The reflection furthest from the incident laser beam is from the deepest reflecting surface (= sensor). Unless there are multiple reflections, ie the beam reflecting back and forth between two surfaces. And this is something which I hope, will never occur.

A late reply but I wonder if this may only apply to a well collimated camera. Perhaps a significant tilt on the chip would send the chip-cover reflection back closer to the source laser when rotated to a certain orientation?


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