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Star Adventurer upgrade options - HEQ5 vs GEM28 vs others


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I've been using a star adventurer pro or a while, with the following gear:

WO Redcat 51

Canon 650d astromodded / Nikon D500 stock

WO Uniguide 32 with ZWO ASI 120mm guide camera

iOptron field tripod

I have been looking at a proper astrophotography mount for around £1000 in the UK, and am aware of both the HEQ5 and GEM28 in this price range.

I'm looking for something that would also be able to handle a slightly larger scope, I'm planning on getting a small reflector such as a skywatcher 130PDS in the future, so ideally it would be able to handle something like that too.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this :)

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No recommendations but interested in the replies you get. I'm more than happy with a Fornax LT 2 at present but likely to get a goto mount at some point next year to give me a longer reach and full control.  

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I used an NEQ6 in the past but found it a bit large and heavy for my needs as I go to Astro camp frequently, so i sold it.

I now have an HEQ5 and have used a 130PDS quite successfully on it as well as refractors up to Skywatcher ED120 and also the Esprit100.  Very nice mount.


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As Carole says the Heq5 is a nice mount. Much easier to lift about than the 6! Had mine for years, did a Rowan belt mod on it and it’s so smooth & quiet. I usually have an Esprit 80 on it for imaging but it handles the C9.25 fine on the occasions I’ve gone visual 😃

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