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NEQ6 probelms...I think??

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Hi to all,

         Well it is now three year on from getting said NEQ6 from Rother Vally Potics and as some know, have been having a problem as to where to site said mount and scope due to conditions commanding in my garden, now, as some also know, i have just finnished constructing a dolly for my tri pod and mount to beable to wheel it in and out of my garage, now, no longer used for cars etc etc.

         Am just starting to set up my mount re leveling etc etc, but!!, have stumbled i think, a problem with the latitude setting guage with using the screws which are the ones that came with my mount, they have a butterfly type flaps that you flick over as to use to screw in and out and their be my problem, i can not get the degrees to go any where above 50 to 51, which if i am correct and please afirm either way, for Rugby Warwickshire UK is correct, but be that it may, WHY, does it feel in the advancement screw that i am forcing against a solid wall and going to damage something any time soon if i carry on???? mmmm !!!.

        As stated above, this mount has NEVER BEEN USED, it is brand new as, up to now, i was stalled as to where and what to use set as, the observatory site, but now, seeing as the garage will be HQ but will need to alter the doors as in home position it will foul on the top of said garage door so it will need to go!!!, i had no way of finding out that their could be a grave problem in this area of my mount, please any one able to help out as, Rother Optic after this time would not take it back to replace, and, i accept that as nither would i, but, do rather need very urgent advice on how to sort out what is wrong and then, how to get it fixed.


                                                   Many grateful thanks and very best regards to all,            McKinnell     aka       Tom now 67 as of this Friday 27, ( PLEASE, STOP WITH THE BIRTHDAYS ALREADY!!!)  lol lol...

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As above member said, you must unscrew one bolt, then screw in it's opposite number the same amount.
Do that until you get the scale pointer reading your Declination.
Do this in small increments of course.
The procedure should be reversed as necessary until you reach the desired number on the declination scale.

Your particular site declination is 52.3079 Degrees.  The adjustments should be done with the mount loaded,
which is why it should be carried out in small measures, it is easier that way.
Is your Mount sited on a permanent pier,? If so , then it is good to get it as accurate as possible, especially for guided Astrophotography.
If you are sited on a site in your garden, and the mount is removed after a session, then you should carefully mark the tripod
legs on the ground to ensure you can replace them exactly in the same for you next outing.


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Hi chaps,

    Thanks for the replies, yes, both of the screws where allready fully loosened up before i started, this is why i am thinking that, this is faulty as, looking at many YouTube videos on this setting up of said mounts, i am seeing that the persons who are doing the set up and showing same have no problems at all after as you both say, the screws are slacked off from each other as such and then screwed in according to how you need to progrees on the scale, and then as you say also, tighten both up to lock off, this known to me i so do, but slackened off they may be, its like tring to shift a mountain and that is not a sill eg.

                                                                                       My best regards to you both and thanks,    Tom....

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Strip off as much as possible, leaving just the upper parts, then screw out both bolts, so that in theory there is no impedance to movement, you should then be able to manually move the head "up & down"... 

If not then I would suspect that the bolt, hidden under the  round black plastic covers, needs to be slightly loosened... 

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Thanks again chaps, i have noted that i am in deed on 52 deg lat, thinking this is just a fluke, but, i will leae well alone and just go as is as, it is correct as you chaps looked at for Rugby, so, we shall see, my next challenge will be to get the garage door replaced with one that will allow me to move the scope in and out of said garage as, in home poss, it is hitting the top of the door frame, so that is next, i guess!!!.

                                                                                          Best regards and thanks to all,   Tom...

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