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A few Saturns from last night


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Almost gave up, but there was a window of clear sky around midnight.

Took a succession of images to see what I could get.

The top two are the same except that the one on the right is processed in Registax 3 rather than 4.

Best of 1200 frames in each case, ATIK camera, Baader IR filter, 4 x Imagemate Amplifier some post-tweaking in Photoshop.


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Nice images Geoff. Saturn does look strange with her rings all closed!

Jon, imaging on the planets and moon is usually taken with some form of webcam, there are also other camera as well (DMK's and Luminera's[sp]).

You take a movie with several thousand frames, then run it through a peice of stacking software (Registax is one) - this uses just the good frames and discards the bad ones, the effect can be quite dramtic.


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