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I have been working on this image for a long time, eking out what detail I can, tweaking it incrementally closer to the best of can be.  But that is like the holy grail…unobtainable.  My latest modifications, though subtle, have inched it a bit toward the goal line….perhaps a millimeter or to two out of 100 yards (American football, what can I say?).  I am getting close to the limit of the data I think.  But it’s hard to tell. I certainly can imagine improvements. Manifesting them is the rub.  I am anxious to shoot this target again with a bigger scope (C11Edge).  This was taken with a 5” refractor and contains about 24 hours of data (9.5 hours of Ha, so it’s a bit deceiving). This is a crop of the full image. I think the full resolution mode is the same size, you just don’t have to work so hard to get there. Noise is a bit more visible in the crop.  But still acceptable I think. It will take a full reprocess to reduce it. The palette is a tad loud, but I bumped it slightly for emphasis.

TOA 130 - ASI 1600

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