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Can Anyone Name The other Objects


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Thanks Guys , i will label them later .

Tony .i wont be much help with the lens to Atik attachment, i can tell you that it was Atiks old filter set up that fitted the 1HS and 2HS series of ccd, however i did have to modify it somewhat to manage attachment.

I got it from Bern a few years ago, he may very well have some knocking around , if not then i guess you would have to find another way of doing it , sorry i cant be much more help .


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No worries Rog, it's just where L'Missus has bought a DSLR recently and seeing SteveL looking at doing the same thing, I figured if it's a cheap and easy way of getting fast, widefield images then I might have a crack with the lens that came with the camera.


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You should consider Carte du Ceil V3; this package allows to to "paste" your image into the "sky" and see the match with ALL the stars and Deep Sky Objects.

Great for looking for variable stars and comet postions etc.

Being freeware it's very low cost!!

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You should be able to pick up t mount lenses quite cheap these days. T mount lenses were designed to have 55mm between the mount and the Focal plane... this allowed the adaptor that converted the various cameras mounts to make up the additional distance required - as an example Nikon F was a mount to FP distance of 46.5mm so the Nikon-T adaptor adds another 8.5mm to give the required 55mm distance...

Sorry for the reply in thread Rog...


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