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Balancing an. Azeq6 in Alt Az mode


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Getting the counterweights in the right place to balance my 10" Newt would normally require setting it up in EQ mode and marking the position then taking everything off, changing to AltAz and rebuilding the rig. 

My tripod is on a trolley on which the rear member takes two of the tripod legs. 


I jacked up the dolly with its leveling screws and placed my laser test block underneath using a metal broom shank to provide a central fulcrum. 

Retracting the leveling screws I moved the weights out to the effort to tip either way felt negligible. Importantly this had to be done with the rear axle level on the yellow bubble level. 

By my reckoning the counterbalance weights should be in an acceptable position. 

I seem to remember reading that there was a tolerance along this axis but can't remember what it is or where I saw it. 

Comments very much appreciated. This is for visual. 




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I must admit that when I use mine in Alt-Az for visual I don't really bother with balancing it. If I have one of either a Starwave 152 f5.9 or Stellamira 80 f10 I just put the weight on roughly half way and leave it at that. If I have both scopes then the 80 goes on the "counterweight" side at full extension. Never had an issue (yet).

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