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Power supply for a Vixen SX series mount

osbourne one-nil

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Last night my SXD2 mount wouldn't power up. This made me very grumpy. 

I discovered the fault- the 1mm of bare negative cable soldered to the metal spring clip that forms part of the cigarette lighter socket had come loose. I've mended it, but it did make me realise the importance of being able to provide power to the mount. 

I know I can buy replacement cables from Vixen, but when I googled the plug at the end of the socket; a DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4, I was only given information on Vixen power supplies except for one Japanese electrical component shop. 

Is this a unique power plug that only Vixen use? It seems to have the dimensions of 5.5mm x 3.3mm.

Should I stock up?!

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