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Need advice - Sony A300 DSLR

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Hi All,

I've stumbled across a new A300 DSLR for a pretty good price. Reviews and comments on here are a little dated (although I've seen some nice imagery in the forums).

If I'm updating to a DSLR for all around photography is this a good deal. I'd like to know the astrophotography down the road with this will make me happy.

The dealer I talked to steered me away from the Canons, stating that their quality was starting to drop off and the newer Nikons or Sony's were better quality for the money.

Others looked at were a Canon Rebel XTi and a Nikon D60 (also Sony A200)



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This might help as well....I've been using this website...


As it gives a good list of prices for a range of cameras and seems to update daily on the who is doing the best pricing, as well as all time high and low.

I've got my heart set on a Canon 1000D for general photography, but ultimately it will get strapped to a telescope as well. Just waiting to see what happens with the pricing, and hopefully it will drop a little more.

Hope it might be of some assistance.


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9 times out of 10 a salesman will try and shift whats most beneficial to him... Did they Sell Canon equipment? The 1000D is an absolute bargain and has excellent astro perfomance for the buck...

I have 5 DSLR's and Until I discovered Astroimaging I was a Nikon Man and before that Konika Minolta... Canons are the best supported DSLR cameras for Astro work.

I still use Nikons For "terestrial" work.


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