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It's cloudy (again :() so I thought I'd post some pics of my scopes for the fun of it.

1st up is my Meade Lightbridge 12 inch now sporting it's Astrozap light shroud and Rigel Quikfinder in place of the original multi-reticule finder. The remaining projects with that scope are to cover the truss rods with black pipe insulation to further reduce reflections and to sort out some counterweight system for when I'm using my heavy 2 inch eyepieces. The scope has already had Bobs Knobs top and bottom, new collimation springs, a low profile azimuth tension nut and I've put some feet on the bottom end for the tube to sit on when it's not on the mount.

Then there's a couple of pics of my Vixen ED102SS. I'm really fond of this scope, it's so light, easy to use and performs remarkably well for a short focal length ED doublet (F/6.5). The Vixen Porta Mount carries it really well and the whole lot weighs around 9 kg so it's really "grab and go" !. I've got optical and red dot finders on there at the moment - the optical one is a vintage Japanese Vixen 6x30 with superb optics which I picked up from Astro Buy & Sell for a song. My 31mm Nagler gives me a 3.8 degree true field with this scope :D





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That Vixen looks a great grab and go setup John.

It used to belong to Jamie at one time, then Tom Yates (who had the focusser wheels machined).

Really nice scope - I've only seen one other for sale in this country since I've had it. Don't know what glass it uses but I don't care - it works well :(


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Well, It's a pleasure to look at your two scopes "Doc," (more enjoyable than looking at photos of clouds on another thread!) - you've got the best of both worlds there.

Psst! I believe there's a hint of clearer weather heading our way for tonight and Friday.

Best wishes for some clear weather to put those two fine instruments to work!


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