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Refurbished rabbitbarn

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Small house where the kids kept rabbits during winter. Located at 64N, so temp may drop below 15 minus celsius. Was fully insulated, and the "office"-part is still insulated, heated and windproof. Just finished, not tested much. Wifi and 220V, 12cm concrete floor with concrete pier. Roof is winch operated, but gives little resistance. More a precaution if the roof is heavy with snow. Buildt with stuff I had around. Total cost around 9000 norwegian kroner, that's around 900 euro/pound/dollars.




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3 minutes ago, Alan White said:

Looks very nice indeed, what a location.
I presume for imaging?
Or a mixture?


Mostly for imaging, but I have a eyepiece and a barlow handy. You never know when curious kids turns up. I have a bag under the mount, that allows me to remove the DSLR without loosening the cables. Was out in minus 17 last winter, and I had trouble keeping the electronics alive. This is a flexible solution. I have extension cords on most, and keep everything except the mount indoors. Use a Canon 600D, and a small monocamera on the original finderscope as guidescope. Hope this gives less time to setup and preparations. Just to get polaraligned once and for all is worth all the work!

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2 hours ago, Rallemikken said:

Small house where the kids kept rabbits during winter.



What the heck are you guys feeding your rabbits in Norway!   Lovely observatory hope you have fun with it :)


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1 minute ago, Astro Noodles said:

Swedes ? 😂

Nope. But we had lots of them. The children had sort of a business. One small for a couple of bucks. And we grew hay. Fond memories of this house. Now the children has left the nest, and I've wondered a couple of years what to do with it. Think I nailed it!

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3 hours ago, Swoop1 said:

I take it the profiled polycarbonate is to seal/ weatherproof the end when closed?

Yes. Up or down in ten seconds. Very tight fit, not a drop of rain inside. This end is facing west, which is my dominating wind direction. Looks a little to shiny, maybe I'll matt it down and paint it red. 

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