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8” comparison

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4 minutes ago, powerlord said:

<4. Do you know how to spot poor seeing and recognize good seeing?

can you share some tips there @vlaiv?


Just point your telescope to nearby star and observe star pattern at high power.


Compare the view with above list of different star images.

Image won't be stationary but rapidly changing, like shown on this page:


(Damian has nice set of animations for each of above point on Pickering's scale).

When observing planets and the Moon - you'll notice softness that changes - as if looking thru the fire. It can be on different scales (depending on how bad is the seeing)

You can actually focus on seeing and focus on planet - two different focus positions. If you focus on seeing - you'll see something similar to jet wash


Or maybe this youtube video:


(0:50 - most right engine)


That is usually most visible when observing the moon and you slightly change focus (focus at our atmosphere rather than moon). Effect is readily visible when there is jet stream above or if you happen to observe over house with chimney that is burning some sort of fuel for heating (as you track planet - it can pass right thru chimney jet wash).

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The seeing is usually pretty good. Some nights not so but that has to be expected. There’s a dark sky park about an hour away, so I’ll take a couple of trips to it and hopefully meet someone else with a telescope. There is a Northern Ireland astronomy group. They are currently not accepting members because of c-19 but I’ll meet with them when they’re back at it. I’m going to buy a little camera and take it from there. Thanks for your help

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