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Jupiter rgb 22/07/21

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This image of Jupiter was captured on the 22/07/21 UT02.23. Conditions were very ropey as there were lots of thin high cloud and lots of moisture about.

C11 Asi290mm Baader RGB filters


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Still a good result Martyn. Thats one thing that eludes me getting the GRS face on. Clearly we are all setting the bar quite high this year this low. There is much quality to be had and time to achieve it. Its Great the planets are coming back to us. Good seeing has nearly always gone hand in hand with dew dripping from the scope and less transparency in my experiance.

It sounds like it was the high cloud and the histogram that was taking a hit for you.  In your case as far as dew is concerned either a dew band or blow dryer ( not sure what you use ) But of course cloud affecting your histogram, is something out of your control. I only got lucky with Saturn because i quickly ran off a few runs before cloud hit. Which in the UK is never far away. Chasing Jupiter all night in gaps there after. Now the high pressure is gone. Wonder when its coming back ? 

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Thanks for the comments and likes everyone they are really appreciated. @neil phillips Hi Neil I totally agree the images this year by everyone are getting better and better and long may it continue👍 @powerlord Hi Stu I posted the images in different orientations to try and represent what some Visual observers see with different telescopes ie inverted flipped etc by the way thats a good question.

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