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Jupiter 23 July 2021

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Last time I tried capturing Jupiter, my polar allignment was off and I really struggled - a pity, because seeing had been excellent that night. Last night, I got up half an hour earlier and spent time making sure my PA was accurate. As it turns out, it was just as well as a bank of cloud was approaching and I realised this would only give me half an hour imaging time. Seeing was poor - I had a 2x Barlow and I could see Jupiter's image shimmering like it was under water.

I started imaging: because the PA was good this time, I was able to capture 11,000 stable images in two minutes - this is much more than last time. I'm happy with my resulting image - it doesn't hold a candle to some of the brilliant images of Jupiter already uploaded this year but it's definite progress for me.🙂

Date and Time: July 23, 11:28 UTC

Jupiter at 21 degrees elevation.

Equipment: Meade 2080 8 inch SCT, Vixen GP-E Mount with SW Dual Motors, 2x Barlow, Zwo ADC, Baader UV-IR Cut Filter, Zwo asi224mc

11,000 images, best 10% used. PIPP, Autostekkert!3, Registax6, Moto G8 Power Photo Editor.

Thanks for looking,







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21 minutes ago, CraigT82 said:

Very nice Peter, especially for just 2 mins collection. 

Thanks Craig..The next step will be WinJupos I think

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