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First stab at M31 with a 50mm lens

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Andromeda cropped widefield with a vintage lens:

Absolute beginner here! So whilst I wait on stock coming into the UK for the telescope I am looking to buy/still yet to make a decision between a reflector and refractor, I've been playing about with my camera (Sony A6300) and a Star Adventurer mini to see what I can capture and practice navigating around my bortle 4(ish) night sky.

This evening I decided to dig out my old film Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8 and point it in the rough direction of Andromeda. The below is the result of a stack of 18 x 120s images processed through sequator and photoshop. The lens isn't the best by quite a long way and I'm sure my focus was slightly off but as a first attempt at anything close to deep sky I was quite happy to see any kind of result, especially with just a hint of detail showing up.

If nothing else it's all good practice and has definitely made me want to get a hold of a telescope sooner rather than later.

(If I've posted this in the wrong sub forum let me know and I'll repost it elsewhere)


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That's a very pleasing result.

6 hours ago, AR86 said:

processed through sequator and photoshop

If you were taking raw images it might be worth experimenting with DeepSkyStacker - it's also free and well supported. You could also experiment taking some calibration frames - all good skills to practise before getting that first telescope.

Good luck.


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