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Cannot capture good Jupiter data

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See my sig for equipment, admittedly my scope is ultra-weak but I've managed decent stuff of Saturn so no reason I can't get humble shots of Jupiter.  Problem is, I cannot for the life of me find good settings on my ZWO to even get to the point of processing it.  It either looks way too bright like the attached or way too low so you can barely see anything.  The lower my gain and/or exposure goes, so go the moons too.

Any tips for how to at least get some workable data?


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Jupiter's disc is far brighter than the moons, so very difficut to capture the moons and detail on jupiter with the same exposures. If you want a final image with surface detail on Jupiter and the moons well displayed, then you'll probably have to cheat and add the moons in from a different capture.

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Hello, I’m pretty new and only in my first month of astronomy,  i came here also for advice on Jupiter. I fear my issue is my camera, so was looking for peoples advice in cheapish (£60-100) 1.25” options. 

I took this single picture on Friday 16th July on my SW150Pds with a Baader Hyperion 5mm EP in projection using the m43/m42 thread to my EOS M3 cameras t ring. My settings were ISO 320 and exposure was 1/5 of a second. Looking online I found a chart for iso to gain and my iso would be similar to 0db gain. 


I don’t really know how to use ccd cameras as not tried them yet, I was reading that taking a video (AVI) is best and using PIPP to split it into individual frames ready to stack. Which is why I wondered about cheapish planetary camera as I read that DSLR record compressed video. 

I hope someone with more experience and used your camera comes along soon with better advice, I will just tag along and learn more reading any replies you get. 

clear skies and good luck. 


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