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slightly disappointed

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HiI set up fairly early hoping for a repeat of last nights great observing  session,but alas the seeing was terrible .

obviously the culprit was the remnants of todays 30degee temperature

I did manage to view Saturn but the image was far from stable Jupiter was a little better but all in all it was an early Finnish its a shame really as there will be little sleep tonight as the house is baking

Hopefully better nights await 

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Same for me. I tried to do some imaging last night but the seeing was very poor. It was a bit better tonight but it doesn't really get dark this time of year in the UK.
I'm enjoying the fantastic weather but I'm sure it won't last long. Soon be winter and better observing / imaging

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Seeing from my site in the early hours of the 17th were good for observing  and DSLR imaging of  Jupiter  but 24 hours later conditions were awful even though the sky looked just as clear.

Although seeing seemed to be a lot better in much of England on the 18th here in Central Scotland nearer the Northern  edge of the currant high  the Jet Stream  from the Atlantic then extended South over most of Scotland.

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Very frustrating isn't it when you finally get clear weather but it's hazy and wobbly and not worth bothering with (like tonight). There was one excellent night to make up for it though

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