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From this weeks amazing weather: M20, M16, M17 and NGC6888


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These images were captured this week, others still to process but I have to say I can't remember the last time I've had 4 nights in a row - magic.

Subs were all 300s in length for M16, 17 and ngc6888 (numbers in the file names) M20 was shot over 3 nights, mainly using 300s but there were a few at 120s and 2 at 600s in the mix. M20 was shot using a Baader UV/IR cut filter initially then I switched to an IDAS NBZ on the third night (last night).

TS/GSO 8 inch RC with 0.67x reducer. ASi533 MC Pro OSC camera @ -12 C

Processed in PI.

Hope you like.





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1 hour ago, Laurin Dave said:

Lovely images, particularly like  the Trifid.. which must be very low 


@Laurin DaveThanks Dave - Yes very low and just a gap between trees which is why it was shot over a number of nights. M16 and 17 are higher and miss the worst of the trees so I've been able to get thhose captures in a single session.

Thanks to Tooth_Dr  too,  @tooth_dr.

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