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Allsky - a tale of three (was two) cameras


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Testing out sensors for my all sky camera.
This first image is from last night (July 15) at around 3 a.m. The camera is a Datyson T7M flashed to be an ASI120M at full resolution 1280x960 with the included wide lens.


This second image was from tonight (July 16) at the same time of night.
The camera is a Raspberry Pi 8MPix with a 1.7mm lens at 1640x1232 pixels (half resolution)


The orientation is rotated 90° (compare the summer triangle in both). Both are 10 second exposures

The T7M shows up as much noisier while the Pi camera has what I assume is amp glow across the top 10% of the field as well as in both lower corners.

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The Datyson image looks good

There does seem to be a glow with the Pi cameras. This is from a V2.1 NoIR showing the same glow across the top. It's the second one I've had as the first one, while fine during the day, had an horrendous glow across the image at night that made it unusable



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On 18/07/2021 at 19:30, fozzybear said:

RPI HQ camera what lens do you recommend fitting to this? 

At the risk of reopening a dead thread, I have started experimenting with an HQ camera. I use an M12 (12mm diameter screw) lens with a 1.7mm focal length and a M12 to CS adapter.

Here's an early example of my playing around from last night at around 1 a.m. (Europe time) so the constellations are in roughly the same alignment as the July images.


It is very pleasing to get an all-round horizon with this set up. I'm using the actual same lens (1.7mm f/l) as was in the RPi version 2 camera. The larger sensor on the HQ camera expands the field of view. However, I have yet to find a decent software configuration with my Python script as the HQ camera looks to be less sensitive (i.e. doesn't pick up the faint stars from the V2 camera image).
Although this is still a work in progress so I'm not complaining. :)



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