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Hi guys,

Based on the feedback we are getting everything appears to be settling down - we have made a lot of changes based on your feedback and we will continue to listen and adjust things as necessary.

However, I wanted to draw peoples attention to certain features / aspects of the new forum as I think that may help people settle in better! :(

Unread Posts

Unread posts should work a lot better than the previous forum - each post is now tracked individually so regardless of when you last logged in or on what computer, the list of unread posts should be consistent.

To see all unread posts, click on 'New' in the menu bar.


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Unread Reples to Own Posts

This works very differently to the previous forum but hopefully once you get used to it, you will see its better.

The forum automatically subscribes you to topics you start - rather than emailing you (this is an option still too) it will keep track of your unread replies in your 'User CP' - to see just click on 'User CP' at the top.

The 'User CP' page also give you a summary of everything that affects you, new group messages, new pms etc.. it is also your control panel for making any changes to your account/profile/blog etc...



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Mark Forums Read

There are two ways of doing this - on the forum homepage, right at the bottom is a link 'Mark Forums Read' which marks everything as read.

There is also an option in the menu at the top under 'Links'.


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