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M42 & Running Man 1000D final


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Thats it Ive had enough of this. It feels like I have been faffing with this for ages trying to composite the core of M42 and its not quite as I would like it but my head hurts now. :(

Taking the photos is the easy bit, processing is the headache.

This is data from the 10th, 11th and 14th amounting to about an hour at ISO800 with the 102ED and modded Canon 1000D. I just could not get a good stretch of decent seeing all nights, either the moon was up or there was thin clouds, still at least I managed to get something.

Anyrode, I think I've done it some justice, hope you like it.



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Thanks chaps, Im happy with it now:happy10:

Peter, its even more budget cos it was taken through the Orion Telescope & Binoculars 102ED and guided with an Aldi scope. I wont mention it was all mounted on a CGE thus negating some of the budget bit, Oh I just did


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Where did you get the counterweights for the 102 Phil?

I have the 2 big ones with my CGE, and they are too much for my small scopes.


Rob, I got a load of barbell weights when I built my observatory, roof counterweights, I used one of these and drilled the centre out and fitted a boss with clamp screw.


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