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COMPLETED - SOLD Skywatcher GPS Mouse

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This is a handy accessory that plugs into the Synscan handset (before you power on). As the mount initialises it reads the GPS from the “mouse” so you do not need to enter the position manually. It also adds date and time for you.
Very useful if you use several observing sites.
Once read the GPS mouse can be unplugged and used for another mount (very handy for star parties).

Works with Sky-Watcher SynScan V3/4/5 Synscan handsets 
(requires V3.32 firmware or later)
Current V3 firmware is 3.39 , Current V4/V5 firmware is 4.39

You can update firmware for the Synscan handset from the Skywatcher support site to ensure compatibility is you are still on older version firmware.




Sensor uses GPS to automatically locate and input the users position (Latitude/Longitude) to the handset.            

Note not suitable for use with a PC. 

As my mount is now in a fixed position on my garden pier I have no use of this little gadget, since I have a fixed Lat/Long, so I am offering it for sale to someone who can make better use of it.

On FLO and listed at £119

For sale at  £70 (a discount of 41% from list price)

+ £4.95 recorded delivery  

Free collection from Fife with COVID precautions.

I had this working on my EQ6-R, (the first photo above shows it on the EQ6-R handset.)

It should be compatible with many other Skywatcher mounts but check before you buy.



Has a magnetic base, but there is now a Velcro pad as a more secure fix which reduces the magnetic effect, will still cling onto my metal pier but slides on a rounded tripod leg. 
Apart from the Velcro pad the mouse is in as new condition
Either peel off the Velcro pad, or better still get a matching Velcro pad to stick onto the position you plan to keep it (pads available Amazon or eBay). 
Though in fact you can remove the mouse once GPS position has been read and pack it away.




back velcro.jpg

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    • By tjs247
      I have a Sky Watcher 150 PDS and a Canon 600D I use to take images.
      I'm  looking at purchasing a Sky-Watcher f4 Aplanatic Coma Corrector for my setup. It's as much as I can afford, but wondering if its a good choice?
      One concern i have is that my scope is an f5  which this is designed for f4 but has very good reviews. 
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    • By fifeskies
      It was my intention to fit a Rowan Belt upgrade kit to this mount but I have now purchased the EQ6-R model with the belt drive already built in, so this mount is ready to find a new home.
      Mount is in very good condition having been kept indoors and was my main mount so got used often rather than sitting around unused.
      Synscan Goto system handset, polarscope fitted to the mount.
      The current model, with the new green trim is on FLO.
      Sky-Watcher NEQ6 PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount | First Light Optics    
      £1239 new       
      For sale at £795  (new price less 38%)

      The mount head is the newer version that takes both the narrow Vixen and the wider Losmandy style bar. 
      The Skywatcher matched tripod has the larger 2 inch legs which gives better stability.  However I tended to use the mount on my fixed garden pier rather than the tripod.
      The original poorly designed altitude adjustment bolts have been upgraded for far superior ones, (original bolts also included).
      A free 13.8V DC power supply will be included at this price which gives better stability than the compact mains power brick (mains power brick is also included).
      Collection only as too heavy to freight, I can look into delivery for the cost of petrol within a 1 hour drive from Fife.
      I used it with a range of Refractor and Newtonian telescopes.
      It handles heavy scopes very well and is rated up to 25Kg for visual and 18Kg for astrophotography.
      I have not pushed it to the upper limits but have imaged with a dual refractor rig on it at 14Kg.
      For visual the largest I used was a 10inch carbon fibre Newtonian, which came in at 18kg with finder and Telrad attached.
      Mount comes with the standard 2x 5.1kg counterweights and the counterweight extension bar for high loads. A few minor paint flecks on the edge of the counterweights, (does anyone have counterweights without a few paint flecks?).
      The mount has been used for astrophotography with an astromodified D600 Canon DSLR. Some examples of the results are attached so you can see just how good the tracking is on this mount.
       I used APT software with PHD2 guiding using an adapter cable from FLO, cable not included.
      With good polar alignment (I use Sharpcap) I was able to run exposure subs of 480 seconds (8 mins), so have been able to image some nice DSO targets.
      The attached images taken using this mount show stacked subs with minimal processing.
      I am happy to have anyone thinking of buying the mount drop by so I can demonstrate the system up and running for them.
       (COVID precautions taken).
      This is a heavy mount so bear that in mind if you are considering purchase, 23.5 kg for the mount/tripod without the 2 x 5.1kg counterweights. (33.7Kg with).
      Not so much “grab and go” more “hug and stagger”.
      OK for a few metres out to garden but you will need to break it down for any longer move.



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      Hi All - my first post on this site so be gentle
      I am awaiting delivery on an EQ6-R Pro mount when FLO are able to get stock - hopefully soon 🥴. Whilst I wait, I'm setting up a new laptop for imaging use.
      I'm hoping to get a mount with the new direct USB port and because of that I will be trying to use the SynScan App Pro for Windows to talk to the mount. In emulation mode this all seems to work well and I can get either APT or NINA to "control" the mount.
      What I'm having an issue with is having to enter the location lat/long into SynScan manually... I have a NMEA GPS device connected via USB and using a COM port. I can't get SynScan to "see" it though. When I set the toggle to "Use Location Sensor" it just says No Location Sensor - Please ensure permission to read location has been granted. I've tried to set the Windows 10 settings to allow location data to be shared but I don't think SynScan is playing that game.
      I installed SynScan on my Android phone and toggling that switch gets the phones location fine without issue.
      Has anyone else managed to get the app on Windows to accept a lat/long from another connected device?
      N.I.N.A. can read the COM port device and set it's location correctly but when I then "connect" to the mount (emulation mode at the moment) the button to send location to telescope is disabled so either the app doesn't support it or maybe the emulation part doesn't? Anyone use this setup i.e. not EQMOD.
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